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Series on BIOMECHANICS   ISSN 1313-2458
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Experimental methods for development of elite volleyball players explosive power
J. Karabiberov
Abstract: The popularity of volleyball and its dynamic development in the recent years have set new requirements to the integral preparation related to its constant improvement. This study views two options for stage planning of training activities based on the “principle of conditioning potential energy” and the “principle of muscle-motor synergy” used in the conditional training of the Bulgarian National Teams (men and women) in the past years. Although we did not establish any reliable differences between the speed shown and the applied force by the two groups, we could draw the conclusion that thanks to the specific methods of conditional training, the players from the experimental group managed to synchronize their efforts in such a way so that they could perform the same acceleration within a shorter period of time, as well as apply the same strength for achieving a higher vertical jump faster.

Series on Biomechanics, Vol.34, No.2 (2020), 3- 8

Keywords: Conditional training; methods of preparation; volleyball
Date published: 2020-07-01
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