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Brain blood flow control with artificial intelligence
G. Kuchava, M.Mantskava
Abstract: Blood flow in the brain is regulated by neurons. Knowledge of how these cells control blood flow is crucial for understanding how connect neural computation and electric circuit, for fix disease of eyesight, and for developing treatments for neurological disorders. It is now recognized that implant of artificial intelligence electric processor on skull has a key role in brain blood flow regulation via electric stimulation on blood cells. After creation hybrid of human and artificial intelligence, brain neural network working will not depend on human’s autonomous operating system control, but It will be under artificial intelligence operating system control, which will be excludes complex of brain disease like Alzheimer’s syndrome, Humans will never forget any information anymore. These conceptual shifts in our understanding of artificial intelligence operating system have important implications for the development of new therapeutic approaches.
Since the advent of organ-on-a-chip, many researchers have tried to mimic the physiology of human tissue on an engineered platform. In the case of brain tissue, structural connections and cell–cell interactions are important factors for brain function. The recent development of brain-on-a-chip is an effort to mimic those structural and functional aspects of brain tissue within a miniaturized engineered platform. From this perspective, we provide an overview of trace of brain-on-a-chip development, especially in terms of complexity and high-content/high-throughput screening capabilities, and future perspectives on more in vivo-like brain-on-a-chip development.

Series on Biomechanics, Vol.35 No.2 (2021), 73-78

Keywords: Artificial intelligence; brain-on-a chip (BoC); engineered BBB (blood brain barrier) models; neurological disorders - Alzheimers and Parkinsons diseases; new neurological drug development
Date published: 2021-07-02
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