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Hemorheological and haemostatic factors of hypertension assessed in excerpt of the Bulgarian population
S. Stoeff, Sv. Jovtchev, B. Bechev, T. Galabova, N. Trifonova, I. Buteva, I. Dikov, M. Vretenarska, A. Mladenova
Abstract: The dispute on participation of hemorheological and hemostatic factors in the evolution of arterial hypertension refers to the general conclusions approved after many studies within the last three decades: 1. Whole blood viscosity and its determinants are elevated among patients with hypertension. 2. Abnormal change in hemostatic factors suggests that hypertension per se may confer a prothrombotic or hypercoagulable state. Contradictory epidemiological reports of hemorheological (The Strong Heart Study, 2005) and hemostatic (The Framingham Offspring Study, 2000) factors in this regard have been the intention for own verification.
We tested essential hypertension (EH) and symptomatic hypertension (out of pregnancy (SH) and preeclampsia (PP)) for comparison with healthy subjects (out of pregnancy (HS)) and healthy pregnant women (HP).
Hemorheological indices: Hct showed increased values for EH (in women and men) and PP but low size for SH (in women and men) and HP. The erythrocyte aggregation (ZSR) and the leukocyte adhesiveness/aggregation (LAA) were increased in all patients, while the plasma viscosity (PV) was increased only in EH.
Hemostatic indices: Fibrinogen (Fbg). and vWF presented increase but albumin/fibrinogen ratio (AB/Fbg) decreased in all patients, while PT and aPTT were with pathological decrement only in PP. These results indicate prethrombotic state but in PP only thrombotic conditions.
Increased hemorheological results may serve as prerequisite for viscous increment which in prothrombotic environment originates thrombotic and atherosclerotic implementation especially in microcirculatory arterial bends and bifurcations.

Series on Biomechanics, Vol.34, No.3 (2020), 3-12

Keywords: Arterial hypertension; polymorphonuclear leukocytes; rheological and hemostatic factors; thrombogenesis
Date published: 2020-10-15
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