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Series on BIOMECHANICS   ISSN 1313-2458
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Signal transduction through a time delayed miRNA regulated element
S.G. Nikolov, M. Nenov
Abstract: In the present paper we investigate a time delay model with two redundant negative feedback loops, featuring an upstream signal S. The model resulted in three DDEs with three discrete time delays. The basic view that signal S is a key factor in the dynamic behavior of our model was confirmed by analytical calculations and numerical simulations. In more details, we conclude that the volume of the upstream signal S determines the behavior of the system.

Series on Biomechanics, Vol.31, No.2 (2017), 20-27
Keywords: mathematical model; miRNA micro RNA; mRNA messenger RNA; negative feedback loop Legend: TF transcription factor; S upstream signal; Signal transduction; time delay
Date published: 2017-10-27
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