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N. Antonova, M. Rampling, E. Zvetkova, Ya. Ivanov
Dear readers,

The current issue of Journal “Series on Biomechanics” for 2016 - vol. 30, No. 1 continues the publishing some of the presented lectures and communications at the 5th Eurosummer School on Biorheology & Symposium on Micro- and Nanomechanics and Mechanobiology of Cells, Tissues and Systems, held in the International Home of Scientists “Frederick Joliot - Curie” at Sts. Constantine and Elena Resort in Varna, Bulgaria from 1st to 5th September 2015 ( The Scientific program of the 5th Eurosummer School on Biorheology & Symposium on Micro- and Nanomechanics and Mechanobiology of Cells, Tissues and Systems included fifty six (56) presentations, one course of lectures, plenary lectures, sessions, oral communications and posters. They are in the field of bio- and hemorheology, micro- and nano mechanics and mechanobiology of cells, tissues and systems. We sincerely thank every contributor for writing his paper and the reviewers, too.

The content of this issue includes publications in the field of: Rheology of suspensions and physiological flows and flow properties of biological fluids; Mechanics of biological tissues and systems; Clinical hemorheology; Molecular and cellular biomechanics and Dental biomechanics.

We would like to inform our readers, that the Editorial Board of the Journal “Series on Biomechanics” has taken some practical steps, two years ago, for indexing the Journal Series on Biomechanics in the database Scopus. The assessment procedure began directly through Scopus title evaluation team, after review validating the implementation of the minimum criteria.

In October 2015, we received information about a positive conclusion the process of evaluation of the Journal indexing in Scopus. We thank Professor Redha Taiar (France) and
Scopus Evaluation Team for their cooperation and assistance. On 10 May 2016, our Journal Series on Biomechanics was invited to share its good practice with publishers of Bulgaria, during the seminar for editors, organized by Elsevier and Scopus in Sofia.

Editorial Board would be glad to receive comments on the articles and suggestions for the next issues.

N. Antonova, Institute of Mechanics, BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria
M. Rampling, Bioengineering Department, Imperial College, London, UK
E. Zvetkova, Bulgarian Society of Biorheology, Sofia, Bulgaria

Compilers of J. Series on Biomechanics (2016), vol.30, No.1
Ya. Ivanov, Editor in Chief of J. Series on Biomechanics

Series on Biomechanics, Vol.30, No.1 (2016), 3
Keywords: 5th ESSB; Scopus; Series on Biomechanics
Date published: 2016-02-10
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