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Series on BIOMECHANICS   ISSN 1313-2458
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Data interpretation of erythrocyte membrane mechanical stability test using the laser-assisted optical rotational cell analyzer
V. Sogor, B. Tanczos, A. Deak
Abstract: Red blood cell (RBC) membrane mechanical stability test is an useful tool for investigating RBC deformability related to definitive mechanical stress. By ektacytometry, the RBC membrane mechanical stability test means two regular deformability measurements - before and after a shearing period. In the literature there is a limited number of papers dealing with erythrocyte mechanical stability test, and the methods of data interpretation is varying. What parameters should be compared, and which of them could be informative? In this study we reviewed the data interpretation methods applied in blood samples with normal and worsened red blood cell deformability. For interpretation of mechanical stability test several experimental approaches can be used: (1) comparing absolute or relative (before/after) values of elongation index at definitive shear stresses, or using EI-SS curve parameterization data (EImax, SS1/2, and their ratios) tested before and after the shearing, (2) analyzing the curve fitting data and the slope of EI before/after ratio curve in the function of shear stress, and (3) detailed analysis of the EI data during the shearing period. In this comparative study we found that the slope of the EI-time curve during shearing, EI before/after ratio curve in the function of SS, after/before ratios of EI at 3 Pa, EImax, SS1/2 and EImax/SS1/2 can be used as sensitive parameters well expressing the differences in the mechanical stability deterioration of red blood cells.

Series on Biomechanics, Vol.30, No.1 (2016), 27-34
Keywords: methods for data analysis and parameterization; RBC mechanical stability test; Red blood cell (RBC) deformability
Date published: 2016-02-10
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