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Editorial Board
Abstract: Dear readers,
This is the first issue of Volume 29 of the Journal "Series on Biomechanics", which comes out at the beginning of the Jubilee of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences 2015. This year is the Jubilee, because it marks 145 years since the release of the oldest scientific Journal "Periodical journal" of the predecessor of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences - Bulgarian Literary Society (BKD). In 1870, being outside the enslaved Bulgaria, activists of the BKD began issuing "Periodical journal", which marked the beginning of the publishing of the future Academy. This Journal is published in Romania (Braila) and aims to introduce Bulgarian immigration in Romania, Austria - Hungary, Russia, the Balkan countries and all over the world with the activities of the BKD. BKD itself was created by the patriotic people of Braila, Bucharest, Vienna, Belgrade, Odessa and other cities of Southeast Europe. In Catch 1 of its Organization Chart, adopted at its formation in 1869, aims to "disseminate general enlightenment in Bulgarian people and show them the way to their substantial enrichment" - a goal that is identical to the objectives of the existing at that time European academies. We should note two differences of the BDK, renamed in 1911 (33 years after the liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule) in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; First, it was established nine years before the liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule. The second difference is that the BKD (BAS) was established not by kings or monarchs, such as is the history of European academies, but by patriotic Bulgarians, driven by Turkish authorities outside the enslaved Bulgaria.
Issuing "Series on Biomechanics" actually follows the tradition and the mission of "Periodical journal". Today's Journal "Series on Biomechanics" is one of the many (more than 40 in number) journals published by the institutes of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. "Series on Biomechanics", as the body of the Institute of Mechanics, BAS, Societies in Biomechanics and Biorheology, was initiated in 1974 as the Journal "Biomechanics" (in Bulgarian) by Acad. Georgi Brankov and continued by Prof. Yuli Toshev as "Series on Biomechanics" (in English), to support the development of biomechanical and rheological studies in Bulgaria and to facilitate cooperation of Bulgarian scientists with colleagues from around the world.
In this issue, you will find articles dealing with studies on rheological properties of blood and erythrocyte aggregation, using image digital analysis, oscillations in skin temperature in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus, influence of heating on mechanical properties of human dentin, problems of optimization of wheelchair with standers, biomechanical features of pole vault, biomechanical analysis of abnormal human gait.
The Editorial Board of the Journal will be happy if you are interested in the published articles and/or cause to discuss the problems.
Our address and offer to colleague’s biomechanists and rheologists from abroad is to be engaged with materials and results of their research in the following issues. We will continue the tradition of the journal coming out every 3 months, i. e. 4 issues per year, quarterly. We welcome your comments and articles.

Happy reading!

By the Editorial Board
Date published: 2015-04-09
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