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Study of RBCs membrane proteins and defining their potential biomarker role for tumourigenesis monitoring
G. Sharashenidzeorcid, E. Tikaradzeorcid, E. Shekiladzeorcid, M. Mantskavaorcid, N. Momtselidzeorcid, N. Kipianiorcid, M. Tsimakuridzeorcid, G. Ormotsadzeorcid, T. Sanikidzeorcid, N. Antonovaorcid
Abstract: Assessment of the causal relationship between ecological stress levels and the frequency of chronic oncological pathologies, developing new effective predictive markers of individual and population risk of population morbidity and identifying specific and non-specific mechanisms of individual and population sensitivity to external factors is one of the priority areas of modern medicine. Investigation of new potential biomarkers (erythrocyte membrane proteins characteristics) of virtually healthy residents of the ethnically homogeneous population for monitoring the cancer morbidity in the Sachkhere district as one of the most favourable regions (in terms of the territorial-economic, ecologic and geographic situation) of Georgia. The healthy volunteers from different villages (Chorvila, Sairkhe, Sareki) of Sachkhere District randomly were included in the study. Exclusion criteria were malignant tumours, nicotine users, excessive alcohol users, and severe chronic diseases. The spectrophotometric absorption of red blood cell (RBC) membrane proteins, their electrophoresis, glycophorin A expression level, and blood test clinical values in groups of volunteers from the different villages were investigated. The spectrophotometric absorption in RBCs’ membrane proteins at 230nm was 14% higher and the level of dimerized Glycophorin A statistically significantly decreased by 15-20% in Sareki's inhabitants than in the inhabitants of Sairkhe and Chorvila. There were no statistically significant changes in the number of erythrocytes, platelets, leukocytes, lymphocytes, neutrophils, and haemoglobin; anisotropy of RBC distribution width (RDW) (variation in RBC volume and size), was found – in residents of Sareki it was higher than in Sairkhe and Chorvila. Each of the studied indicators belongs to the class of pleiotropic markers, only their complexity can be considered as an early predictor of oncological risk.

Series on Biomechanics, Vol.37, No.3 (2023), 68-79
Keywords: biomarker; Glycophorin A; RBC membrane proteins; Tumourigenesis
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DOI: 10.7546/SB.09.03.2023
Date published: 2023-08-02
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