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Series on BIOMECHANICS   ISSN 1313-2458
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Amelioration of CCL4-induced liver injury in rats by antioxidant Citrus extract
G. Turkia, I. Chkhikvishvili, N. Kipiani, N. Lobjanidze, M. Mantskava, N.Momtselidze
Abstract: Liver failure is one of modern hepatology's most complex and unresolved problems. The study aimed to investigate the hepatoprotective potential of poly-methoxylated flavones of Citrus extract, applied in a CCL4-induced murine model. Acute liver failure was induced in rats by ingestion of 20% CCL4 oily solution. After the injection of CCL4, a part of the experimental rats were treated with the poly-methoxylated flavones of Citrus extract (for 3 weeks). Functional liver tests [alanine aminotransferase (ALT), aspartate aminotransferase (AST), total protein, bilirubin], antioxidant enzymes [catalase, superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity] and nitric oxide (NO-) content in the blood of rats, have been examined. The results of the study show that 3 weeks after the onset of CCL4-induced acute liver failure in rats, significant weight loss, liver dysfunction [increase in ALT, AST, bilirubin and total protein depletion], as well as oxidative stress, decreased NO content and activity of SOD and catalase, were obtained. The polymethoxylated flavones of the Citrus extract decreased the intensity of oxidative stress, and support the normalization of body mass and liver functions.

Series on Biomechanics, Vol.36 No.4 (2022), 54-58

Keywords: acute hepatic insufficiency; Citrus extract; functional liver tests; Liver failure in experimental rats; oxidative stress; poly-methoxylated flavones
Date published: 2022-11-07
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