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Series on BIOMECHANICS   ISSN 1313-2458
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Interfacing MATLAB-OpenSim Pipeline toolbox for Neuromusculoskeletal modelling and simulation
P. Kumar, R. Kumar, G. Luthra, P. Kalra, H. Banga
Abstract: Neuromusculoskeletal modelling and simulation play an important role in the useful investigations of human motion dynamic. This technique may be useful in a daily clinical and healthcare practice regarding decision-making strategies. Open-sim, which is a free Software platform can be used to simulate biomechanical models. However, there is a need for robust tools for proper interface during processing and analysing the biomechanical movements. This robust tool was required to generate the data that can be processed into OpenSim. This manuscript presents an approach to generate musculoskeletal models and simulations using MATLAB-OpenSim Pipeline toolbox. Gait data (motion data) of foot drop patient were collected at PGIMER, Chandigarh, India and stored in C3D files. MATLAB-OpenSim Pipeline Toolbox succeed in processing data and providing the significant inputs for OpenSim to extract the ankle angles and ankle moments.

Series on Biomechanics, Vol.35 No.2 (2021), 65-72

Keywords: gait analysis; inverse kinematic inverse dynamics; MATLAB; neuromusculoskeletal; OpenSim
Date published: 2021-07-02
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