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Series on BIOMECHANICS   ISSN 1313-2458
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Rheological and electrical behaviour of blood in patients with diabetes mellitus type 2
V. Paskova, N. Antonova, I. Ivanov, I. Velcheva, N. Chaushev
Abstract: The aim of the study is to investigate the rheological and electrical behaviour of blood in patients with Diabetes mellitus type 2 (n = 13) and to compare the results with a group of healthy subjects (n = 9).
A rotational viscometer Contraves Low Shear 30 (Switzerland) was used with a standard measuring system and the concurrent measuring system connected with conductometric device. Whole blood and plasma viscosity were measured at shear rates from 0,0237 s-1 to 128,5 s-1 in both groups. Blood conductivity and shear stresses were measured at rectangular and trapezoidal regimes at different shear rates with a 2 kHz electric field frequency. The kinetics of the conductivity signal was recorded at shear rate from 0 to 94,5 s-1 and back. The results were processed using the program Origin 61, by approximating the non-linear function at load (growth) and relaxation of the conductivity - time dependences. The obtained parameters can be used as a time characteristic of the processes of disaggregation and aggregation of erythrocytes.

Series on Biomechanics, Vol.33, No.1 (2019), 51-58

Keywords: blood conductivity; Diabetes mellitus type 2; hemorheological disorders; whole blood viscosity
Date published: 2019-04-24
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