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Series on BIOMECHANICS   ISSN 1313-2458
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Functional states of neutrophils in systemic circulation, microcirculation and inside of pleural effusions
B. Bechev, M. Magrisso, S. Stoeff, K. Kavaldzhieva, P. Glogovska
Abstract: The participation of the neutrophils (PMNs) in immunity and inflammation is much bigger than originally estimated. In patients with pleural effusions (PE), PMNs allocated in systemic circulation (SC), microcirculation and pleural fluid are in different functional states (FS).
We try to find and discuss several PMNs FS in blood circulation and related pleural effusions.
The PMNs FS are assessed by analysis chemiluminescent response of stimulated neutrophils. The pleural effusions of twenty patients with diagnoses carcinoma, infectious disease and heart failure were tested.
The analysis of origin and accumulation of PMNs in the pleural cavity (PC) in the case of non-inflammatory effusion suppose FS from “resting” through “stand-by” up to weak activated state, which was proved.
During the infectious disease incidence in 70% of the patients, the transition modify the PMNs, while in the tumours the FS shift is around 25%. The explanation should be microbial presence in the pleural cavity corresponding to several stages of the infectious disease progress.
The PMNs FS in the SC and in the pleural fluid from patients with non-inflammatory effusions are strongly different from infectious disease and tumours. In both diseases (infectious and tumors) the PMNs in the SC are in prevailing “activated” states with numerical superiority in infectious diseases (90% vs 75%). For analysis should be taken in consideration the etiological cause of the PE and the moment of certain pathology.

Series on Biomechanics, Vol.33, No.1 (2019), 41-50

Keywords: cancer; chemiluminescence; infections; pleural effusion; PMNs
Date published: 2019-04-24
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