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A comparative analysis of the average human anthropometrical and mass characteristics of different nationalities
G. S. Nikolova
Abstract: Results from representative anthropological investigations of the human body can be accepted and used like normative basis in the clinical medical practice for individual or group assessment of the health status. They can be also used for creating of anthropometric standards about ergonomic design, etc. In addition, the investigation of mass parameters is necessary for movement analysis, static postures and many biomechanical activities. In any given population these characteristics are dependent on the gender, race, age, body type, and even on sport and occupation of the group of subjects under study. In this respect, and also on its own right, it is interesting have a comparative knowledge about how the specificity of the anthropometric characterization concerning the Bulgarian population looks like against the one of other nationalities. In this study we present such a comparative analysis of two of the very basic characteristics (stature and weight) of the human body for the average Bulgarian males and females versus the corresponding data for people from Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Dinaric Alps, United Kingdom and U.S.
Keywords: Caucasian race; stature; weight
Date published: 2013-03-09
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