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Numerical analysis of protein drugs release from lipid implants
A. Nedev, R. Blagoeva
Abstract: Numerical analysis of the release of socially important protein drugs from lipid implants is presented. The recently offered by the authors’ model for protein transfer out of the lipid implant simultaneously with other water soluble excipients release is applied. Appropriate expressions for concentrations dependent diffusion coefficients are introduced taking into account the initial and current implant porosity. A numerical scheme developed for solving the arisen highly nonlinear model problem is used on the basis of Finite Element Method and time difference scheme. The created software is validated by fitting the numerical results of protein drug (e.g. Iinterleukin-18 and Interferon-?) and excipients (e.g. Poly-Ethylene Glycol) release to available experimental data. The effect of the implant geometry and porosity, various conditions for implant preparation as well as different initial concentrations of the compounds is numerically investigated.
Keywords: lipid implants; porosity change; Protein release
Date published: 2013-12-09
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