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Platelet hemostasis in patients with non-myeloid cancer
E. P. Petrochenko, I. A. Tikhomirova, M. M. Ryabov, N. V. Kislov, A. S. Petrochenko
Abstract: The coagulation system plays an important role in the biology of malignant tumors: numerous studies indicate an intimate cross-talk between platelets and tumor growth, angiogenesis and metastatic dissemination. The aim of this study was to estimate platelet hemostasis in patients with non-myeloid cancer. Materials and methods: whole venous blood was obtained from healthy volunteers (n=20) and from patients with non-myeloid cancer (n=18). Spontaneous and ADP-induced platelet aggregation was measured by Biola ALAT-2 aggregation analyzer. Results: decreased number of platelets (by 66%, p<0.001) was registered in cancer patients but procoagulant and aggregation activity of platelets was significantly higher: release reaction was noted in 60% of patients compared to 10% in healthy volunteers, shape factor was 20% (p<0.05) lower than in healthy volunteers indicating platelet activation and their transition to spherical shape. ADP-induced platelet aggregation rate in cancer patients was 1.7- fold (p<0.01) higher than in healthy volunteers, aggregation speed was by 35% (p<0.05) lower compared to control. Difference in spontaneous platelet aggregation between the two examined groups was much greater: in cancer patients aggregation rate was 6-fold higher (p<0.001), aggregation speed was 1.6-fold (p<0.001) faster compared and mean aggregate radius was 56% higher (p<0.01) compared to healthy volunteers. Conclusions: we have demonstrated that platelet aggregation and procoagulant activity in non-myeloid cancer patients were significantly increased compared to healthy volunteers. All these unfavorable changes of platelet hemostasis appear to promote thrombotic events and complications in cancer.
Keywords: cancer; hemostasis; Platelets
Date published: 2015-12-10
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