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Initial attempt to estimate rheological and haemostatic factors in hypertension from among the Bulgarian population
S. Stoeff, Sv. Jovtchev, T. Galabova, B. Bechev, N. Trifonova, I. Buteva, I. Dikov, M. Vretenarska, A. Mladenova
Abstract: In the last decade some discrepant epidemiological studies debased the significance of rheological (The Strong Heart Study, 2005) and hemostatic factors (The Framingham Offspring Study, 2000) in the pathogenesis of hypertension. Facing that matter of dispute we intend to assess two general approvals of the hypertension research: 1.Whole blood viscosity and its determinants are elevated among patients with hypertension. 2. Abnormal change in hemostatic factors suggests that hypertension per se may confer a prothrombotic or hypercoagulable state.
We investigated patients with essential hypertension (EH) and symptomatic hypertension (out of pregnancy (SH) and with preeclampsia (PP)), whose results we compare with that for healthy subjects (out of pregnancy (HS)) and healthy pregnant women (HP) respectively.
The used box plot images (BPI) show statistical significant (SS) increase in ESR and ZSR (PP>HP>SH>EH>HS), whereas the SS increase for LAA was highest in HP (HP>PP>SH>EH>HS). The BPI of plasma viscosity (PV) increases SS only in EH. While the BPI indicate SS increase of fibrinogen (Fbg) in all tested groups (PP>HP>SH>EH>HS) the albumin/Fbg ratio were SS decreased (PP<HP<SH<EH<HS). The BPI of the haemostatic screening tests (PT and aPTT) show tendency of decrement (partly SS) (PP>HP>SH>EH>HS) within the reference range (RR). Thereto only the value of PP was pathological (below the RR). For vWF the BPI show explicit SS increment (PP>HP>EH>SH>HS) in all hypertensive patients.
An increase of rheological parameters and changed hemostatic potential up to the border range refer to acute phase response and endothelial dysfunction, i.e. they are marks of low grade inflammation in all forms of hypertension.
Keywords: Arterial hypertension; rheological and hemostatic factors; thrombogenesis
Date published: 2015-12-10
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