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Application of light and partially resorbable meshes in Bulgaria
M. Kirilova-Doneva, D. Pashkouleva, S. Sopotensky, G. Petrova, N. Gerassimov, М. Kamusheva
Abstract: A hernia is a common disease in Bulgaria. Numerous hernia meshes are currently used to augment abdominal wall. Using result of an inquiry among surgeons from leading clinical centers in our country, the type of the most implantable hernia meshes was determined. We investigated the mechanical properties of the most applicable light and partially resorbable meshes used in our country. The main characteristics of one ultra-light mesh - TiО2mesh and three light hernia meshes Parietex (PX), Optilene (OP), VyproII (VP) are presented their modulus of elasticity and maximal elongation. These properties were compared with mechanical properties of human abdominal fascia. The meshes with mechanical properties closest to properties of fascia were determined.
Keywords: abdominal fascia; experimental results; Light hernia meshes
Date published: 2015-12-10
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