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Mathematical model for estimating of external mechanical work in step test
Z. Arakchiyski
Abstract: Interest is the development of method, which is based on a known step tests for determination of the indirect VO2 max and allow the calculation of PWC170. The aim of this study was to develop a mathematical model to quantify the external mechanical work in step test, enabling calculation of PWC170 using the classical Margaria Step Test, considering the rhythmicity of the test performance. The proposed model is based on several assumptions. Our basic assumption is that external work satisfactorily estimates the total mechanical work performed on the body and that the downward movement time of the legs is equally for all steps of every single test-step and the center of mass motion is uniformly accelerated. The results from comparison of calculated PWC170 with developed version of the equation for the total mechanical work, using the aerobic step test of Margaria and standard bicycle ergometer test are within 3%. The proposed modified method by which is achieved using the classical aerobic step test of Margaria for indirect determining of VO2 max and simultaneous determination of PWC170 is original, easy to perform and capable of wider application in laboratory and field conditions, substituting cycling tests.
Keywords: external work; Margaria Step Test; PWC170
Date published: 2015-06-09
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