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Evaluation of mechanical alterations of explanted hernia mesh
M. Kirilova-Doneva, D. Pashkouleva, V. Kavardzhikov, S. Sopotensky, G. Petrova, N. Gerasimov
Abstract: The effects of time on the mechanical properties of explanted hernia mesh were investigated. Tensile test was applied to mesh specimens from Surgimech (SM) and explanted hernia mesh cut along the rows of loops (T direction) and parallel to the column of loops (L direction). From the stress - stretch ratio curves the secant modulus at 5% strain were determined. The average value of secant modulus for SM was compared with secant modulus of explanted mesh and human abdominal fascia. The results revealed that the long-term changes in mechanical properties of explanted polypropylene hernia mesh and SM are close but not approach the properties of human abdominal fascia.
Keywords: age-related changes; Hernia meshes; mechanical compatibility
Date published: 2015-06-09
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